Alphabetical Listing of Services - P - South West

Pain Medicine  
Paisley and Community Food Bank   Paisley
Palliative Medicine  
Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultation Program Southwestern Ontario   London
Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultation Programs  
Parachute   Toronto
ParaMed Home Health Care - Grey-Bruce   Owen Sound
ParaMed Home Health Care - London - Fullarton St   London
ParaMed Home Health Care - London - Fullarton St   London
ParaMed Home Health Care - Perth   Stratford
Paramount Care Nursing Agency   Fort Erie
PARC 55+   Port Elgin
Parenting Education  
Parenting Groups  
Parents of Technologically Dependent Children of Ontario - Kids Country Club   London
Park Place Retirement Residence   Woodstock
Parker Home Health Care   Owen Sound
Parkhill Cooperative Playschool   Parkhill
Parkhill Residence   Parkhill
Parkinson Canada   North York
Parkinson Canada - Ottawa Office - Ottawa   Ottawa
Parkinson Connection Support Group - London   London
Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario   London
Parkinson's Caregiver Support Group - Hanover   Hanover
Parkinson's Carepartner Coffee Club   London
Parkinson's Disease  
Parkinson's Support and Lunch Group - Hanover   Hanover
Parkinson's Support Group - Goderich - Huron   Goderich
Parkinson's Support Group - Grand Bend   Grand Bend
Parkinson's Support Group - Kincardine   Kincardine
Parkinson's Support Group - Meaford and Area   Meaford
Parkinson's Support Group - Owen Sound   Owen Sound
Parkinson's Support Group - St Thomas   St Thomas
Parkinson's Support Group - Stratford   Stratford
Parkinson's Support Group - Strathroy   Strathroy
Parkinson's Support Group - Tillsonburg   Tillsonburg
Parkinson's Support Group - West Lorne   West Lorne
Parkinson's Support Group - Woodstock   Woodstock
Parkside Childcare Centre   Ingersoll
Parkview Manor Health Care Centre   Chesley
Parkview United Church - Stratford - Hospitality Meal   Stratford
Participation House Support Services   London
Participation Lodge Grey and Bruce   Holland Centre
Partnering for Quality   London
Partners in Employment - Exeter Location   Exeter
Partners in Employment - Goderich Location   Goderich
Partners in Employment - Listowel Location   Listowel
Partners in Employment - St Marys Location   St Marys
Partners in Employment - Stratford Location   Stratford
Partners in Process Equine Learning Centre   Owen Sound
Partners in Research   London
Partners Physiotherapy Service and Associates   Walkerton
PASAN   Toronto
Pathways Skill Development and Placement Centre   London
Patient Ombudsman   Toronto
Patient Transfer  
Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada   Ottawa
Peak Mobility Rehabilitation and Pain Centre   London
Pediatric Cardiology  
Pediatric Clinical Immunology and Allergy  
Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology  
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine  
Pediatric Emergency Medicine  
Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism  
Pediatric Gastroenterology  
Pediatric Haematology/Oncology  
Pediatric Infectious Diseases  
Pediatric Nephrology  
Pediatric Neurology  
Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario   Toronto
Pediatric Respirology  
Pediatric Rheumatology  
Pediatric Surgery  
Peninsula Family Health Team   Lion's Head
Peninsula Pharmacy   Lion's Head
Peninsula Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation   Wiarton
People First London   London
peopleCare - Oakcrossing London   London
peopleCare - Tavistock   Tavistock
Performance Health Canada   Mississauga
Personal Emergency Response Systems  
Personal Identification, Certificates and Licences  
Personal Support Worker Registry of Ontario   Toronto
Perth (County of)   Stratford
Perth Care for Kids   Mitchell
Perth County Elder Abuse Committee  
Perth County Paramedic Services   Stratford
Perth Dental Hygiene - Mobile Dental Hygiene Services   Stratford
Perth District Health Unit   Stratford
Perth East (Township of)   Milverton
Perth East Public Library   Milverton
Perth Meadows   Listowel
Perth Physiotherapy Clinic   Stratford
Perth South (Township of)   St Pauls
Petersen Ergonomics   Exeter
PFLAG Canada   Ottawa
PFLAG Canada - Kincardine Chapter   Kincardine
PFLAG Canada - London Chapter   London
PFLAG Canada - Owen Sound Chapter   Owen Sound
PFSolutions - Training and Business Solutions   Stratford
PharmaChoice - Aylmer - Talbot St E (Hills Pharmacy)   Aylmer
PharmaChoice - Aylmer - Talbot St W (Hills Clinic Pharmacy)   Aylmer
PharmaChoice - Brussels   Brussels
PharmaChoice - Clinton (K and J Pharmacy)   Clinton
PharmaChoice - Ingersoll - Thames St S (Young's)   Ingersoll
PharmaChoice - London - Hamilton Rd (Ealing Pharmacy)   London
PharmaChoice - London - Jalna Blvd   London
PharmaChoice - London - Main St E (Greenhills Pharmacy)   London
PharmaChoice - London Centre   London
PharmaChoice - Mildmay (Stewart Pharmacy)   Mildmay
PharmaChoice - Milverton (Village Pharmacy)   Milverton
PharmaChoice - St Thomas (Wellington Medical)   St Thomas
PharmaChoice - Tillsonburg (Coward)   Tillsonburg
PharmaChoice - West Elgin   West Lorne
Pharmacies (Extended Hours)  
Pharmasave - Bayfield - Main St S (Michael's)   Bayfield
Pharmasave - Dehli - 105 Main St (Community Health Centre)   Delhi
Pharmasave - Goderich (Michael's Pharmacy)   Goderich
Pharmasave - Grand Bend   Grand Bend
Pharmasave - Hanover   Hanover
Pharmasave - Ingersoll   Ingersoll
Pharmasave - Kincardine (Gordon)   Kincardine
Pharmasave - Listowel   Listowel
Pharmasave - London - Adelaide St N   London
Pharmasave - London - Aldersbrook Rd (MedicalRx)   London
Pharmasave - London - Highbury Ave N (Huron Heights)   London
Pharmasave - London - Richmond St   London
Pharmasave - London - Southdale Rd E   London
Pharmasave - London - Wellington Rd S (Medcen)   London
Pharmasave - London - Wortley Rd   London
Pharmasave - Lucknow   Lucknow
Pharmasave - Norwich   Norwich
Pharmasave - Owen Sound (Sally's Pharmacy)   Owen Sound
Pharmasave - Owen Sound (Turbitt)   Owen Sound
Pharmasave - Port Elgin (Wardrop)   Port Elgin
Pharmasave - Port Rowan   Port Rowan
Pharmasave - St Thomas (Elgin Mall)   St Thomas
Pharmasave - Stratford   Stratford
Pharmasave - Thamesford   Thamesford
Pharmasave - Thornbury   Thornbury
Pharmasave - Walkerton (Pellow)   Walkerton
Pharmasave - Wingham (Brown's)   Wingham
Pharmasave - Woodstock - Huron St (Huron St Dispensary)   Woodstock
Pharmasave - Woodstock - Ingersoll Ave (The Dispensary)   Woodstock
Pharmasave - Woodstock - Springbank Ave (Springbank Dispensary)   Woodstock
Pharmasave - Woodstock General Hospital   Woodstock
Philips Lifeline   Toronto
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation  
Physical Relief Telemedicine   London
Physiohaus Health and Wellness   London
Physiotherapy Alliance   Stratford
Physiotherapy Alliance - Goderich   Goderich
Physiotherapy Alliance - Milverton   Milverton
Physiotherapy Alliance - Mitchell   Mitchell
Physiotherapy III - Healing Waters Clinic   Owen Sound
Physiotherapy III - Owen Sound   Owen Sound
Physiotherapy III - Port Elgin   Port Elgin
Physiotherapy on Front   Stratford
Physiotherapy Services - Publicly Funded Clinics  
Piccadilly Hearing Centre   London
Pillar Nonprofit Network   London
Pinecrest Manor   Lucknow
Pinetree Montessori School   London
Pineview Apartments   Kincardine
PKD Foundation of Canada   Etobicoke
Plastic Surgery  
Polish National Association - London   London
Pond Mills Medical Clinic   London
Pond Mills Medical Pharmacy   London
Port Elgin Faith Lutheran Church - Community Supper   Port Elgin
Portuguese Club of London   London
Post-Secondary Resource Centres for Indigenous Peoples  
Postpartum Depression  
Power of Attorney and Public Guardianship  
Practical Solutions Vocational Services   London
PRANCE Therapeutic Riding Centre   Port Elgin
Precise Pharmacy - London   London
Precision HME   London
Preferred Dental Hygiene Services   London
Premier Homecare Services London   London
Prenatal Classes and Programs  
Preschool of the Arts Forest City   London
Pride London Festival   London
Prince George Retirement Residence   Lucan
Princeton and District Housing Association - Countryside Manor   Princeton
Pro Bono Ontario   Toronto
Pro Bono Students Canada - Western University Chapter   London
Proactive Physio Plus   Owen Sound
Proactive Rehabilitation Health and Fitness Service   Durham
Problem Gambling  
Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario   Toronto
Progressive Drug Mart - London - Dundas St E (Argyle)   London
Progressive Drug Mart - London - Huron St (Huron Heights)   London
Prostate Cancer and Information Support Group - St Thomas   St Thomas
Prostate Cancer Canada   Toronto
Prosthetics and Orthotics  
Prosthetics Orthotics Barrie and Owen Sound   Owen Sound
Protea Club of London   London
Provincial Council of Women of Ontario  
PSAC Local 610 - Food Bank   London
Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office   North York
Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office - London Office   London
Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office - St Thomas Office   St Thomas
Psychiatric Survivors Network of Elgin   St Thomas
Public Health and Preventative Medicine  
Public Health Ontario   Toronto
Public Health Ontario - IPAC - West   St Marys
Public Health Physicians of Canada   Ottawa
Public Health Promotion  
Public Health Units  
Public Transportation  
Pursuit Health Management   London
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